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Sweet AddictioN

You'd never dream of breaking this fixation.

This used to be a RP journal for deathmask_rp. Now, it's just a journal for free RP at ic_secrets, dressingroom, or any other random place. Mello's played by kurosaki_akane, whose English is worse than painful.

Personal Data

Mello (Mihael Keehl)
Age: 20
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Blood Type: A
Weakness: Chocolate

Background Info

Little is known about Mello's childhood before he was transferred to Wammy's House, an English orphanage for gifted children. Every single child from that orphanage has only one goal in mind: to become L's successor, the greatest detective the world has ever seen.

However, victory was a delicious dish only a single person had the right to enjoy, and despite how close Mello was to tasting it, someone else was taking his place. The boy was named Near, pale and emotionless Near, damn number one Near. He seemed to be there just to steal everything Mello wanted in this life, stripping him from every purpose. But Mello was far from giving up on what he wanted-- he kept trying, he kept fighting. He kept failing.

The news of L's death by Kira's hands shook Mello's life completely, pushing him to take drastic action. He left the orphanage that night after refusing to cooperate with Near in the Kira case, determined to begin his new life of decadence and activities of questionable legality. Two goals were engraved in his mind: Kira's head and surpassing Near. He wasn't going to stop until both were fulfilled, no matter what it would take.

He climbed higher and higher, until four years later he was found sitting right next to the leader of a very important mafia organization - Mello's brilliance had guided him that far, and he wanted more. The world seemed to have become too small for someone who could have everything he wanted in his hands, and he was only a step away from fulfilling his dreams when he stole Kira's weapon of murder: the Death Note.

Nothing lasts forever, though. Soon, everything shattered around Mello when the police force (lead by Kira himself) assaulted the Mafia’s secret headquarters. Mello was the only survivor, half of his face severely burned after he blew up the whole building. When it came to such a situation, it was a matter of wining or losing. He wasn't ready to lose yet, albeit the mark on his face would always be a striking reminder of the day he almost succeeded, of his own failure.

A few weeks later, Mello was found kidnapping Kira's spokeman in a last desperate attempt to make a difference. He died from a heart attack, murdered by the woman he had just kidnapped. His mistake? The bit of decency he still had left.

His body couldn't be identified, his name unknown to most. Mello died as an anonymous face no one would cry for, as a failure who had wished to be number one but who had only managed to be forever forgotten. Little did he know that his last action had been decisive for the world's fate; he would never find out that his death had actually saved everyone, that without him nothing would ever be the same.


Control? What control? Life's like driving at high speed and without breaks on a very dark and long highway. Live fast, die young-- and make sure to leave an inerasable mark in every place you step in, on everyone you touch.

Mello is an innate leader, a completely and utterly brilliant mind under the appearance of an insane chocoholic, capable of having the damn world in his hands while he follows the countdown of a powerful detonator bound to destroy everything. Master and slave of himself, he's burned by the consuming fire and the too many addictions his personality's prone to have.

Mello strivesstrugglesdesires to be the best, number one, to reach higher than anyone else ever did. But the merciless flames of failure keep dancing around him, filling him with rage and cruelty. No regrets, no qualms. Looking back and mourning what you have done or lost is not an option.

Catholic to an extent. Mello prays - he really does - but that never stopped him from pulling the trigger whenever he had to. Sacrifices are necessary to achieve goals, and his thirst for revenge and to prove himself is stronger than the guilt of taking human lives. Furthermore, if there's something Mello has learnt in the obscenities of the world he has moved in, that's that not every life has the same value. Mello will kill whomever he must, this is an irrevocable fact; but the deaths of those he considers innocent sting.

Perhaps his heart's not as rotten as it might seem. There's still some decency in someone whose innocence wasn't stolen but destroyed by his own hands.


Middle-length blond hair, feral eyes that could set fire to everything they target, his half burnt face a contrast between a pretty boy and a deranged monster. Far behind are the innocent days in the orphanage when Mello wore loose shirts and normal jeans. As soon as he started his new life, leather was the first choice. But there's something that never changes, no matter how long it passes-- his preference for black.